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Massey Ferguson Hydraulic Valve Kits

Hydraulic Valve Kits For Massey Ferguson Tractors
Massey Ferguson Tractor 3 Spool Valve - 19833A92 - 19833A92 Massey Ferguson Hydraulic Valve Kits
Three spool valve this valve allows user to operate the three point hitch and auxiliary hydraulics for Massey Ferguson models MF35, 65, 85, 135, 150, 165, 175, 1080, 230, 245, 255, 265, 275 and many other models seat modification may be needed.
Our Price US $761.28
Massey Ferguson Tractor Hydraulic Multiplier - HM14789 - HM14789 Massey Ferguson Hydraulic Valve Kits
Hydraulic multiplier with couplers converts two outlets to four with electric over hydraulics includes 1 manifold, 2 cartridges, 2 coils, 2 ISO male tips, 2 eccentric fittings, 4 ISO female couplers, command control with 12 foot of wiring
Our Price US $532.50
Massey Ferguson Tractor Selector Isolator Valve - TS300 - TS300 Massey Ferguson Hydraulic Valve Kits
Selector isolator valve. Operation is by the tractor quadrant control lever a single hose may be attached to each port A or B. Oil flows and returns through the same hose or valve return port can be used. POSITION 1. Tractor lift arms. Both external ports isolated. POSITION 2. Output to external port A tractor lift arms locked. POSITION 3. Output to external port B tractor lift arms locked.
Our Price US $119.00
Massey Ferguson Tractor Single Spool Hydraulic Valve Kit - MF738KT - MF738KT Massey Ferguson Hydraulic Valve Kits
Single spool hydraulic valve kit for Massey Ferguson tractors. Kit includes 1 valve with adjustable detent. Knob to turn hydraulic valve on or off along with handle that is formed with a crook to bypass interference with the seat. Also includes two hoses, couplers, dust plugs and brackets for Pioneer 1/2 inch NPT couplers, Valve mounts on the lift top with supplied O-rings and bolts with lock washers see more for models.....
Our Price US $385.00