135469C1 New Dixie Chopper Riding Mower V-Belt SP2800 SP3000 SP3200 XFG2700 +
One New Aftermarket Replacement Kevlar Blue V-Belt that fits Dixie Chopper Riding Mower Models: LT2700-D60, SP2800, SP2800EFI, SP3000, SP3200, XFG2700, XFG2700-50, XF2500, XF2600EFI, XG2503-50, XG2703, XK2503-60, XTG2703, XT2800, XT2800EFI, XT3000, XT3200, XWF2300, XWF2400, XWF2700, XWK2501, XWK2503, XW2300, XW2400, XW2500, XW2501, XW2503, XW2600-EFI, XXG2703, X2001, X2303-50, X2503, X2503-50, 2550 SILVER EAGLE, 2750 SILVER EAGLE, 2750HP, 2760HP, 2960EFI Also fits Ferris Walk-Behind Mower Models: DDSBV, DDSBVE, DDSKA, DDSKAE, 5900076, 5900078, 5900080, 5901024 The Kevlar Blue V-Belt is an extra heavy duty belt constructed of organic polyamide fibers. The polyamide fibers are created by a complex chemical process. This process allows the Kevlar belts to have a high resistance to repeated reverse flexing, oil, heat and cracking. Kevlar belts also offer high tensile strength, non-extensibility, and high resistance to shock loads. o.c. length 5/8" X 88" top width 5/8" depth 13/32" Replaces Part Numbers: 135469C1, 2006B85W, 21420, 72135, A4211, A810, GATB85K, L588, MXV5880, V5L0880, XHD5880, 105287, 127633, 135469C1, 2006B85W, 2010B85W, 202420, 2027639 EQ
Category: Lawn Mower
Sub Category: Belts
Class: Agriculture
Manufacturer Part Number: 135469C1
Weight: 3.0 lbs