One Poultry Automatic Water Drinker Cup
-Automatic Cup-Style Water Drinker w/ Built-in Floats & PVC Fitting -For Mounting directly to Waterer on Pipe, Bucket, Pail, etc -Now it's easy to Design your own Drinker System any way you want it -Innovative way to always provide fresh water to your Flock -Quick Disconnect Cup makes it Easy to Clean -As bird drinks, it bumps the Spring-Loaded Tab, releasing more Water into the Cup -Float System automatically shuts off Water Source when Cup gets full -Works under Low Pressure only (5 PSI or less) & must be Regulated down to such -Perfect for many different types of birds such as Chickens, Ducks, and more
Category: Other
Sub Category: Miscellaneous
Class: Misc.
Manufacturer Part Number: OTK20-0428
Weight: 1.0 lbs