5185602 New Case-IH Tractor PTO Shaft F100 F110 F115 F120 F130 F140 TK76 TK85 +
One New Aftermarket Replacement PTO Shaft that fits Case-IH Tractor Models: FARMALL 60, FARMALL 65C, FARMALL 70, FARMALL 75C, FARMALL 75N, FARMALL 80, FARMALL 85C, FARMALL 85N, FARMALL 95C, FARMALL 95N, JX1060C, JX1070C, JX1070N, JX1075C, JX1075N, JX1080U, JX1085C, JX1090U, JX1095C, JX1095N, JX55, JX60, JX65, JX70, JX70U, JX75, JX80, JX80U, JX85, JX80U, JX85, JX90, JX90U, JX95 Also fits Fiat Tractor Models: F100, F100DT, F110, F110DT, F115, F115DT, F120, F120DT, F130, F130DT, F140, F140DT, 88-93, 88-94, 88-94DT Also fits Ford New Holland Industrial Construction Models: TK100A, TK4050 (Crawler), TK4050M (Crawler), TK4060 (Crawler), TK76, TK80A, TK80MA, TK85, TK85M, TK90A, TK90MA Also fits Ford New Holland Tractor Models: TD5010 (w/ Ground Speed PTO), TD5020 (w/ Ground Speed PTO), TD5030 (w/ Ground Speed PTO), TN60DA (Deluxe), TN60SA (Super Steer), TN60VA (Special), TN65 (Standard), TN65D (Deluxe), TN65F (Orchard), TN65S (Super Steer), TN65V, TN70A (Standard), TN70D (Deluxe), TN70DA (Deluxe), TN70F (Orchard), TN70S (Super Steer), TN70SA (Super Steer), TN70VA (Special), TN75 (Standard), TN75A (Standard), TN75D (Deluxe), TN75DA (Deluxe), TN75F (Orchard), TN75FA (Orchard), TN75S (Super Steer), TN75SA (Super Steer), TN75V (Special), TN75VA (Special), TN80F (Orchard), TN85A (Standard), TN85DA (Deluxe), TN85FA (Orchard), TN90F (Orchard), TN95A (Standard), TN95DA (Deluxe), TN95F (Orchard), TN95FA (Orchard), TN95VA (Special), T4020 (w/ Ground Speed PTO), T4020 (Deluxe), T4020 (Standard), T4020V (Special), T4030, T4030 (Deluxe), T4030 (Standard), T4030F, T4030V (Special), T4040, T4040 (Deluxe), T4040 (Standard), T4040F, T4040V, T4050, T4050 (Deluxe), T4050 (Standard), T4050F, T4050V, 4030, 4030 (Orchard), 4230 (Orchard), 4330 (Vineyard), 4430N (Orchard), 4835, 5530 (Hi-Clearance), 5635, 6530 (Hi-Clearance), 6635, 7530 (Hi-Clearance), 7635, 8160, 8260, 8360, 8560 540 RPM Replaces Part Numbers: 5185602, 72094490
Category: Clutch, Transmission and PTO Components
Sub Category: PTO Components
Class: Agriculture
Manufacturer Part Number: 5185602
Weight: 6.0 lbs